Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fratpackular music

Another day at Varsity, same old same old routine that never gets old till I bump into Mr Calibre carrying a box full of Fratpack's "Not in the mixtape" mixtape. This boy was a campus street team all on his own, hustling everybody that came in his path and even dropping a couple of freestyles as a mere exhibition of that Fratpack flavour.

 I honestly copped a copy of the fratpack mixtape simply because of their fresh stick out kid look on their cover, having two fresh looking kats surrounded by all sorts of instruments and various SB (Skate Boarding) sneakers and boxes. and I immediately thought "Aaaaaait, sam HipHop for them sneaker heads, I digg"

Fratpack is a crew that consists of Kabelo Moremi AKA Mr Calibre; Mekitso Moremi AKA M.E and Miss Moremi as the manager and promoter, all being siblings hence the name Fratpack. Fratpack's "Not in the mixtape" is not just another compilation of tracks from artists trying to crack into the commercial market but a tool that endorses the fact that you and I are already superstars through our individuality, once you sacrifice that, you've sacrificed your superstardom.

                            Fratpack performance @ cool runnings and more

If you think Fratpack is just another bitter hiphop group that cannot keep up with modern sound, you couldn't be any wrong. That fratpack prove to be BlueChipCoolKidz with a new skool twist, they just don't think it makes sense to make it rain while they are cool with sunshine. A whole lot of sneaker purchases should learn alot from Fratpack's philosophy of being true to your individual style which makes you a superstar instead of sacrificing it for trendy shoes. Its not about quantity and being trendy, ITS ABOUT QUALITY AND TRUE SELF-EXPRESSION.

To hear more of that Fratpackular sound checkout http://soundcloud.com/fratpack ... and to cop a copy of "Not in the mixtape" contact Mr Calibre on da.calibre@gmail.com

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fwesh pair on my feet keep my cypher complete.

Lace em up, lace em up, lace em up, lace em up. Everybody else starts off their day with a cup of coffee;a shag; a smoke or what ever tickles their fancy. Sneaker Heads on the other hand know that there aint none as fwesh as starting off the day with the smell of a dope pair of sneakers with you lacing them up, giving you the right to be all sorts of disrespectful for the rest of the day.

Listen to the Mac Miller telling you how Nikes on his feet keeps his cypher complete.