Monday, August 12, 2013


The first time I heard about Dr Zulu was on a NSW dedicated show called "Inside Scoop". He was presented as thee guy to know when it comes to local and international sneaker culture, a few years later he shows us how much of a even more dynamic street creative and hustler he is by launching his very own signature brand,  DRZ&Co.

Our favorite local artist/ designer/ mad scientist/ Shelflife Store co-founder "Dr.Zulu" has just cooked up a fresh batch of goodies for us...this time in the form of clothing & apparel with his new signature brand entitled "DRZ&Co." The first prototype range consists of high-quality mens garments and accessories for the most discerning streetwear & sneaker enthusiast. Currently the label is available to purchase from Shelflife (119 Loop St Cape Town), but according to the good doctor there are more stockists coming and apparently also a ladies line on the drawing board...stay tuned for updates and info here:  #DRZandCo.

My 1st Air Max 1s gada be premium

I have been a fan of Air Max technology for the longest of time and Air Max 1s have always been my favourite amongst all of them yet I have never owned a pair until about a month ago. I know a lot of  people who would not be comfortable with publicly announcing their first purchase of a dope popular kick, especially after being a collector for a while, I on the other hand take pride in this cause I went in with a Premium Air Max 1. 

These are Air Max 1s Premium Energy from the 2012 Nike Clash Collection which draws inspiration from the T90 Football boot. My favourite part of the kick is that its friggin draped in leather (on some whatchu know about all white leather on your Air Max 1s !!!), the dipped laces that feed the focus green trims into the rest of the shoe lining and not forgetting the speckled outsole. I wish I could treasure this one but ey nice kicks were made to be worn and worn they will be.