Friday, May 27, 2011


Our parents do it, our teachers do it, our grandparents did it, our priests do it, they did it to Jesus; you do it. Buttom line is that it has been done,its done and always will be done by all and to all. What am I on about? nah it aint sex.Its associating physical appearance and features such as sneakers with the character wearing them.

Its that FACT OR MISCONCEPTION talk again. Sneak-Peak introduced you to the topic with a humourous yet very relevant clip ( fact-or-misconception part-1 )  from what some would classify as "product of MTV hiphop culture" who goes by the name of Terrific pain. We now rap up the the debate with a compilation of views from various characters all in one exciting; humorous and eye brow raising  two minute clip, to help all sneak-peakers establish whether associating a Sneaker with the character is a FACT or MISCONCEPTION.

Sneak-Peakers I bring to you the final Fact or Misconception clip...sit back and enjoy,do comment on the comment box wether you think its a Fact or Misconception

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sneak-Peaking with Scoop

Sneak-Peak caught up with one fellow that has never been afraid of standing out with his eclectic dress sense; bright colours and a mean sneaker collection.
This guy used to shop down town JHB in shady looking stores and rocked colourful skinny jeans in 2007 (3 years before they became a heavy trend in SA).
His style is said to be largely influenced by Basketball; HipHop; street couture and motown, which was enough to make him one of GQ's best dressed men in 2010.

Who am I going on about? it could only be Siyabonga Scoop Ngwekazi. Lets hear what he has to say about his love for sneakers and the culture.

                                                              Sneak-Peaking with Scoop

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Tell me the first type of Character that pops in your head when you read the following sneakers and sneaker brands: Dirty looking Converse All Stars; Nike Jordan; high top Supra sneakers; Carvella; Dickies, yo I can go on the whole day naming all types of shoes, The point is that most if not all of us always associate a person's sneaker with their character.

Without giving away too much. lets sneak-peak our first build up clip to our final clip (coming soon). I give to you a hilarious yet very informative clip towards establishing whether ASSOCIATING A SNEAKER TO A CHARACTER IS A FACT OR MISCONCEPTION? YOU DECIDE!

Just text "FACT" or "MISCONCEPTION" at the comment box to get your view on the matter known.                                           

Monday, May 9, 2011


SNEAK-PEAK just could not deprive all them sneaker lovers from this scoop. Nike Hachi- Sting Like A Bee just landed in SA this week. So gather all your funds; make that loan from your siblings; send please calls not to spend on airtime; eat at your friend's place for the week, yo just do anything to have enough to cop this exclusive find.

Available at all reliable Nike stores nationally...Dont sleep on this one