Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dashiki T-Shirt by the Stylagang

"STYLAGANG GAME" is how the streets hail Stylagang members these days, whether people are sucking up for what ever reason or genuinely admiring them, these fellas truly deserve the recognition. If you would recall Sneak-Peakers were introduced to this dynamic crew in our "Sneak-Peak 7min photo shoot with stylagang" post. Stylagang have broken away from being  mere stylish urban kool kids into creators of style with their debut dashiki t-shirt art piece.

I refer to this dashiki T-shirt as an art piece because of its creation being an unprecedented move by young  Joho street kats with an original design, artistic use of the now cliche print fabric and the simple fact that they are young group of friends living progessively by owning their ideas and craft. Adidas has  also recently crowned them South Africa's best crew, that's just a side note for those who doubt this crew's greatness. maku ngabe uzi funela iDashiki yama Stylagang order by email at, si biza RZA200

Friday, November 16, 2012

As seen on TV...

                                                 AS SEEN ON TV...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lace em up and give them spirit

I copped these laces about a year ago for R9, yah R9 cause nobody really wanted to buy them at a certain sneaker hub, so they ended reducing the price to that. I on the other hand decided to buy them even though I did not have any use for them at that point in time, to my great fortune I finally found use for these print laces.

This how it went down, I took one of my favourite kicks, Air Max 90s and switched up their flavour by lacing them up with these and vwala, I then went to the twitter streets and posted pictures of the sneakers illustrating how switching up laces could bring out aesthetic appeal that you may have never thought your kicks had, consequently one of my followers reminded me of "Just For Kicks", a sneaker documentary that showed us how American teens use to switch up funky laces to coordinate with their outfits which worked well for those who could not afford to cop a lot of kicks as it is still the case with a number of people.

The tradition of working within your means to look fresh is a traditional South African urban streets have always practised, I recall when my friends use to buy some Dickies like shoes called "Ama futsek", those kicks had crazy colour ways and the best part was that they were R70 which allowed kats to buy up to 5 pairs on average. The main idea presented here is that being fresh is more of a state of creativity than affordability and that's why the streets will always stay fresh while others depend on their stylists.