Monday, March 19, 2012

Sneak-Peak 7minPhotoShoot with Styla Gang

So here I was at the streets of Braamfontein helping friends carry their grocery bags, Plastic full of yummies on my right hand and a pack of 8 pack 2ply toilet tissues on the other hand. Soon I bump into my skater dudes near SouthPoint central and had to justify why I'm looking fly and carrying toilet paper in the streets, and of cause I did a good job justifying it by telling them to "step your toilet tissue game up niggaz and upgrade to 2 ply cause yol beeeeen on that 1 ply swag". Soon after escaping that street cred risk moment I notice a gang of fresh looking dudes, stepped up to them, pulled out my cam and began with my #7minPhotoShoot with a crew named "STYLA GANG". More pics in our gallery

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