Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Young Nucho sets record straight about Weezy saga

The recent hostile clash between YMCMB and Young Nucho's Sleek Note clique has been talk of the town since last saturday night. Young Nucho (A Weezy look-a-like) was said to have caused chaos and great confusion at Club HUSH as everybody thought he was Weezy including some YMCMB members. This led to a great upset from the Young Money camp and led to great hostility between the two cliques. There has been numerous false reports about what happened that night which led to us going to Young Nucho to set the record straight. ( DISCLAIMER) SNEAK-PEAK is in no way a tabloid blog, but we thought that since we have access to Nucho and international press doesn't, why not seize the opportunity. Enjoy the clip