Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sneaker-Head for Blackberry ambassador

I don't usually post about any of my other hustles on SNEAK-PEAK. I just thought I should slowly introduce myself to everbody that has been subscribing to the blog, while I sort of push my personal agendas. My most recent hustle is to gain enough votes to be a BlackBerry ambassador at Wits university, so I dropped a humourous concept vid clip to prove that I am the man for the position and of cause I stay representing the kick culture as you will see on the clip. Enjoy and vote for me on for mobile phones and for PCs. go to the Wits tab and vote for me "Mpumelelo Mfula".

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sneak-Peaking with Choc

Most were introduced to him through the VuzuTV reality show known as Cream Cartel, a group of friends with eclectic style, talent and epic moments (Season 2 said to be coming soon). At home he is known as Michael Chirwa but the Streets know him as Choc.

Choc launched his mixtape titled "Confectionary Vol1", he then hit DopeStore and met up with us last saturday. Most may know him for his rap, being part of the Cream Cartel family and the W.A.T.E.R family, but we at SNEAK-PEAK introduce you to the sneaker aficionado part of Choc. As Choc would say "Its a movie" and enjoy the clip

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sneak-Peaking with AD85

We've been slacking on bringing you our Sneak-Peak talks on the streets so we will start by expressing our apologies. APOLOGIES. yap thats outta the way. We redeem ourselves by bringing you a chat with one of the realest characters in domestic street culture. Ayanda Njanya known as AD85 in the streets.

AD85 is the man behind Throw Down Events, AquarianOxRadio and a number of other credible hustles which explains why brands such as Nike and Nixon aligned themselves with him. Without giving away too much about about the dude, go ahead and enjoy our clip. ShoutOut to Vice for the sick pic of AD85 tagging our Sneak-Peak kick.