Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sneak-Peaking Street Culture trailer

You've most probably noticed that I've slacking on posts these past two months, well Im about to present to you the reason for that. I have been working on a new project for Sneak-Peak titled Sneak-Peaking Street Culture. Sneak-Peaking Street Culture is based on documenting South African characters with notable and relevant hustles within street culture, This will be a +- 10 part series that aims to show the vibrance of South African Street culture and characters within it. We kicked off the documentation with Mkay Frash and my fellow Sneak-Peakers I present to you the official trailer of Sneak-Peaking Street Culture...Brace yourself

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sneak-Peaking with the Royalfam

The Royalefam is a freelance apparel and footwear design, corporate identity and logo design, and design consulting for brands and is based in Singapore. Royalefam must be one of the only international brands that respect, treat and understand that sneakers are one of the most personal belongings to urban kids globally. Their work is evidently filled with pride, passion and no limitations, hence their motto "Evolve Beyond".

Royalefam consists of Sue and the notorious Mark SBTG (One of the best sneaker customisers in the world), We bumped into them while they were in South Africa and ambushed them for an interview as we always do. Lets watch the amazing interview clip of the Royalefam

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Adidas goes authentically Originally

We met this guy a few months ago at the annual Street culture event STR.CRD which was hosted in Johannesburg this time around. We were amongst numerous sneaker customisers that day but what stood out about this fellow is that he did his art on classical Adidas Stan Smith unlike most who prefered Nike Dunks and AF1s because of the street culture that accompanies those kicks unlike an Adidas kick named after an english tennis player and thus no relation to kids on the streets.

Atang is the name of this graffiti artist and an official Adidas original embassorder who creates the most aesthetic and culturally relevant sneaker customisations on a sneaker that has little to do with African patterns and culture, This was a great discovery and fresh approach to sneaker customisation in SA, since seeing is believing you can catch Atang this saturday from 12 noon till 4pm at Melrose Arch and have your Adidas original customised.