Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Young Nucho sets record straight about Weezy saga

The recent hostile clash between YMCMB and Young Nucho's Sleek Note clique has been talk of the town since last saturday night. Young Nucho (A Weezy look-a-like) was said to have caused chaos and great confusion at Club HUSH as everybody thought he was Weezy including some YMCMB members. This led to a great upset from the Young Money camp and led to great hostility between the two cliques. There has been numerous false reports about what happened that night which led to us going to Young Nucho to set the record straight. ( DISCLAIMER) SNEAK-PEAK is in no way a tabloid blog, but we thought that since we have access to Nucho and international press doesn't, why not seize the opportunity. Enjoy the clip

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sneak-Peaking Street Culture trailer

You've most probably noticed that I've slacking on posts these past two months, well Im about to present to you the reason for that. I have been working on a new project for Sneak-Peak titled Sneak-Peaking Street Culture. Sneak-Peaking Street Culture is based on documenting South African characters with notable and relevant hustles within street culture, This will be a +- 10 part series that aims to show the vibrance of South African Street culture and characters within it. We kicked off the documentation with Mkay Frash and my fellow Sneak-Peakers I present to you the official trailer of Sneak-Peaking Street Culture...Brace yourself

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sneak-Peaking with the Royalfam

The Royalefam is a freelance apparel and footwear design, corporate identity and logo design, and design consulting for brands and is based in Singapore. Royalefam must be one of the only international brands that respect, treat and understand that sneakers are one of the most personal belongings to urban kids globally. Their work is evidently filled with pride, passion and no limitations, hence their motto "Evolve Beyond".

Royalefam consists of Sue and the notorious Mark SBTG (One of the best sneaker customisers in the world), We bumped into them while they were in South Africa and ambushed them for an interview as we always do. Lets watch the amazing interview clip of the Royalefam

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Adidas goes authentically Originally

We met this guy a few months ago at the annual Street culture event STR.CRD which was hosted in Johannesburg this time around. We were amongst numerous sneaker customisers that day but what stood out about this fellow is that he did his art on classical Adidas Stan Smith unlike most who prefered Nike Dunks and AF1s because of the street culture that accompanies those kicks unlike an Adidas kick named after an english tennis player and thus no relation to kids on the streets.

Atang is the name of this graffiti artist and an official Adidas original embassorder who creates the most aesthetic and culturally relevant sneaker customisations on a sneaker that has little to do with African patterns and culture, This was a great discovery and fresh approach to sneaker customisation in SA, since seeing is believing you can catch Atang this saturday from 12 noon till 4pm at Melrose Arch and have your Adidas original customised.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sneak-Peaking with Babatunde headwear

“Baba-What?!?” is the common reaction I receive when I tell people the name of these vibrant peak-caps with African pattern that I’m forever rocking. Babatunde headwear is a brainchild of an ever-chilled fashion stylist and traveler, Gareth Cowden.
Babatunde is a Yoruba (Nigerian) name. Translated the word means "the father returns". The philosophy behind Babatunde is to urge the fathers to return to Africa. Men to behave like men - accept responsibility and accountability for yourselves. Nurture and be there for your families. Women – should accept nothing less!

Sneak-Peak had a one-on-one with Gareth at the most appropriate of places and one of the distributors of Babatunde headwear, 22 Juta Str boutique. Gareth explained to us the inspiration behind Babatunde and its relevance in African street culture. Enjoy the video interview clip

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Urbn Cult Lifts Off at STR.CRD

Experience the art of urban culture with URBN.CULT  Magazine – the themed online magazine targeting the young urban professionals (yuppies) between the ages of 16 and 24. The magazine can be expected as often as the 2nd month since the last issue on

The Urbn.Cult magazine celebrates youth culture in the form of art, music, fashion and business through looking at each of these aspects from an art perspective e.g. the art of music creation instead of its materialistic aftermath (pun intended).

This magazine will be launched on the 24th of September at Africa’s biggest annual street culture event STR.CRD. Promotional activities for the magazine include our presence being bolstered by you on social networks, blogs, media and personal networks. Without you, the reader we are just a wasted data bundle.

Urbn.Cult magazine boasts a collective of dynamic creative’s all under the age of 22; the scope of our team comprises of a female fine arts expert, Kelebogile who recently got back from an international exhibition in Thailand.Nation our videographer/photographer extraordinaire whose portfolio is quite a mouthful actually.

<<<<< Writer of note Mr.Calibre, a rapper from the 
duo Fratpack and also a Vodacom Color
 and Ray Ban ambassador;   

Splash >>>>>>   a techno fashion and design geek whose creativity received international acclaim… from who? The creative team of;

  <<<<<< I, Frypan (Mr Sneak-Peak) our very  own sneaker head whose knowledge
of the sneaker game stretches decades
and he’s only 20 years old.

Gauss, our digital King >>>> and steroid blogger who has an opinion that’s a stamp of approval for many.

<<<<<<<< Last but not least our editor Jaxx , Vodacom color ambassador, passionate entrepreneur who overflows with knowledge of the aspects covered in the magazine and has impeccable writing skills.

If your gonna be at STR.CRD be sure to look out for that outrageously freshly dressed boys and girls at our URBN CULT booth.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sneak-Peaking with Fred Mercury

Stomp The Yard, You got served and many other street dance movies just bring back all those pleasant high school memories. One thing that stood out from that era is how these street dance movies introduced a new kind of kool to the sneaker game and got a whole lot of kids on Air Force 1s and Dunks colorways, and I was also one of those kids.

Sneak-Peak hooked up with that "Articulate Pretty Boy" Number one ambassorder, host and MC of all Masters of Rythm shows and events, Hype Magazine columnist and student in Political science and Journalism. He goes by the name of Fred Mercury. Fred had a one-on-one Sneak-Peak chat about how the wave of street dance influenced SA sneaker game during our grown sneaker conversation. Sneak-Peakers watch this fresh Sneak-Peak clip and get schooled.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sneak-Peak AdiBus tour

Sneak-Peak introduced you to the AdiBus with the Adibus hits Soweto this weekend post. We knew that not all could get an opportunity to check out this wonder, thats the reason we laced up our kicks and went for an *exclusive* tour in the AdiBus, just so we can bring it home for all Sneak-Peakers. My fellow Sneak-Peakers allow us to introduce you to that AdiBus.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Adibus hits Soweto this weekend

Which other classic brand has and still  is well celebrated by most men and women of all ages then Adidas? Thats the reason Adidas Original decided to launch a campaign to promote and celebrate the brand in 2008.

This campaign comes in a form of a Adidas tour bus named AdiBus which features the classic blue and white logo and three stripes with a sweet touch of an on-board photo booth, screen and sound. The Adibus showcases Adidas exclusive ranges along with other numerous ranges of their classics showing on the screen.

If your in or around Soweto this weekend, its your turn. Come through and Sneak-Peak the AdiBus at the Thesis Social Jam.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yeezy unveils Yeezy 2s at VMAs

Oh yaaaaaaah boi!! We finally saw them. Theyr'e bout to tuck their whole summer in. Yeezy was stepping real reckless on that VMAs stage. If you aint accustomed to goin through Sneak-Peak customs you won't have a clue what I'm on about.

That boy from Chi-Town has made yet another controversial move at the VMAs, this time not with his lethal mouth but by stepping correct in the much anticipated Nike Air Yeezy 2. Kanye West chose the VMAs to unveil his latest gem. He wore a western style ombre chambray; denim shirt; Balmain jeans and killed them with the zen grey colorway of the Nike Air Yeezy 2 sneaker.

 Yeezy officially debuted the Yeezy 2 on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards, performing *Otis* with Jay-Z., Visit Sneak-Peak on the regular, for the SA release date and information.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Jay n Yeezy walk into their thrown in retro Jordans

The much anticipated Otis video from Jay Z and Kanye West album titled *Watch The Throne* dropped a couple of days ago. I know for certain that alot of Sneak-Peakers were expecting a formerly suited up Jay and Yeezy to compliment their bold Otis lines, but to our pleasant surprise, Yeezy and Jay woke up, rocked their Jordans and went to have fun on set.
The Otis video features a American flag-dropped and in the lot, a modified Maybach that Jay and Yeezy apparently had loads of fun in along with a backseat full of fly ladies.Jay and Yeezy both rocking Air Jordan Retros which was not really a surprise. Jay rocking a fresh pair of Air Jordan 1 Banned while Yeezy rocked his Air Jordan 6 retro black infrared. A team effort that revived my Air Jordan retro sneaker passion. Watch the video.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sneak-Peaking with AKA and Kwesta

AKA is that boy who is ever freshe on and off the mic. AKA kicked off his commercial music career as one third of a ill rap crew called “Enitity” which he formed with his school mates in 2002 which later split. In 2007 AKA partnered with Buks and Kamza to form a production collective known as “The I.V. League”, hence his constant chant of “I.V. Leaugue papaaaaaa” in every performance without fail. The I.V. League’s company is called Instant Vinatge Entertainment, a company that explores all music genres and aims to make classic timeless music. That was the stable build up to that ever freshe looking, trend making and hit maker we all know as AKA. Look out for is album titled “Alter Ego” which drops next month.

Senzo Mfundo Vilakazi well known as Kwesta MrCool to the mass is that boy who was born in a old school ghetto called K1 (Katlehong). Kwesta kicked off his musical career with an interest in poetry back in his high school days. In 2003 the young Kwesta formed a rap crew with friends named “Getto Fellaz” which later changed to “The Juvenylz”, while the group was awaiting recognition, Kwesta bravely ventured into a solo career on the side which led to him proving his ability to be a wordsmith of note as he once won the MC of the month competition on YFM’s rap activity jam and took first place on Shiz Niz’s free style kings. Kwesta’s demo found its way in the hands of Buttabing Entertainment in 2007 and that was the genesis of the national exposure of this wordsmith we know as Kwesta who has performed on the same stage and song as the likes of Kelly Rowlands. Look out for his debut album released in  September 2010 titled “Special Rekwest”

These two fellows joined us on a SNEAK-PEAK conversation and shared their interesting and humorous sneaker stories and experiences with us. My fellow SNEAK-PEAKER seat back and enjoy two of SA’s most entertaining and influencial kats speak about nothing but sneakers.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sneak-Peaking with Khuli Chana

South African born, Mmabatho bred and well known as one third of the infamous Morafe crew,it is that freshe Motswakoriginator who goes by the name of Khuli Chana. Khuli Chana Started off by forming a duet called “Jazzzzadaz” with the soulful Kay-G back in the early 90’s, they later joined forces with the ill Tswana rhyme spitter who goes by the name of Towdee, and that was the beginning of the notorious “Morafe” Motswako group. Khuli has had a successful career with Morafe with two highly rated commercial albums and has now branched out to show the world who Khuli Chana is with his debut album titled “The Motswakoriginator”.

Khuli Chana Sneak-Peaked with us and explained how he always had a posh taste in his sneaker choice and how he still maintains that standard with his sneak game, having the old skool favourite North Star as his first fly pair of sneakers and his Adidas as the sneaker brand that represents the grown freshe Khuli Chana. Without giving away too much, go ahead and watch Khuli Chana talking about nothing but sneakers and their influence in his life and music.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sneak-peaking with Reason

Reason The Mad Massacre often referred  to as Reason The mass or simply Reason, is the name of that  boy from K1 ( Katlehong), A lethal battle MC that massacred tons of kats on and off the streets. A whole lot of us were introduced to this artist on YFM when he brought ill jingles for ‘The Unrestricted Freshest Breakfast Show” and on “Rap Activity Jam” where he got most if not all MCs tail’s between their legs when he entered the room. He is one of the only kats Tumi from the Volume has stated to be his favorite rappers, making him his favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.

Reason has always been a huge sneaker appreciator although he modestly claims to be “A wanna be sneaker head”, he has dedicated a ill track to his Air Force 1s titled * Stand Correct Air Force 1 Tribute*, So it wasn’t a coincidence that Sneak-Peak caught up with him for a grown up sneaker conversation, as Reason would normally say “Everything happens for a Reason” let’s hear his reason for his appreciation for sneakers and the culture.

To get free downloads of Reason’s finest work visit or simply follow him on twitter @Reasonthemass for regular updates.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


A whole lot of Sneak-Peakers missed out on the Air-Yeezy 1 drop in South Africa, which was in Shelflife (Cape Town) and Gallery of 4th (Johannesburg). Now I don't know about you but I'm still traumatised from missing out on this limited gem.

Sneak-Peak could not let any sneaker loving soul go through what I went through. So I went and hustled credible source in the SA Nike sneaker fraternity, and finally got a  fair and hopefully honest answer from them. My fellow Sneak-Peakers, "The Nike Air Yeezy 2 South African drop,will be in November.". DONE.

                                 NIKE-AIR-YEEZY 2 UNRELEASED SAMPLE

So gather you're funds, be ready for the next sneak-peak up-date about the launch and drop venue,
                                     AND YOU CAN THANK ME LATER

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Yaaaaah boi. Sneak-Peak introduced you to these BLUECHIPKOOLKIDS with the Fratpackular musik article . and now my fellow Sneak-Peakers, I present to you that sneaker head sound, that MTV Base debuting video (thats right)...kick your kicks off, take your cap off and show some respect for that fwesh FRATPACK - DREAM video

Friday, May 27, 2011


Our parents do it, our teachers do it, our grandparents did it, our priests do it, they did it to Jesus; you do it. Buttom line is that it has been done,its done and always will be done by all and to all. What am I on about? nah it aint sex.Its associating physical appearance and features such as sneakers with the character wearing them.

Its that FACT OR MISCONCEPTION talk again. Sneak-Peak introduced you to the topic with a humourous yet very relevant clip ( fact-or-misconception part-1 )  from what some would classify as "product of MTV hiphop culture" who goes by the name of Terrific pain. We now rap up the the debate with a compilation of views from various characters all in one exciting; humorous and eye brow raising  two minute clip, to help all sneak-peakers establish whether associating a Sneaker with the character is a FACT or MISCONCEPTION.

Sneak-Peakers I bring to you the final Fact or Misconception clip...sit back and enjoy,do comment on the comment box wether you think its a Fact or Misconception

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sneak-Peaking with Scoop

Sneak-Peak caught up with one fellow that has never been afraid of standing out with his eclectic dress sense; bright colours and a mean sneaker collection.
This guy used to shop down town JHB in shady looking stores and rocked colourful skinny jeans in 2007 (3 years before they became a heavy trend in SA).
His style is said to be largely influenced by Basketball; HipHop; street couture and motown, which was enough to make him one of GQ's best dressed men in 2010.

Who am I going on about? it could only be Siyabonga Scoop Ngwekazi. Lets hear what he has to say about his love for sneakers and the culture.

                                                              Sneak-Peaking with Scoop

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Tell me the first type of Character that pops in your head when you read the following sneakers and sneaker brands: Dirty looking Converse All Stars; Nike Jordan; high top Supra sneakers; Carvella; Dickies, yo I can go on the whole day naming all types of shoes, The point is that most if not all of us always associate a person's sneaker with their character.

Without giving away too much. lets sneak-peak our first build up clip to our final clip (coming soon). I give to you a hilarious yet very informative clip towards establishing whether ASSOCIATING A SNEAKER TO A CHARACTER IS A FACT OR MISCONCEPTION? YOU DECIDE!

Just text "FACT" or "MISCONCEPTION" at the comment box to get your view on the matter known.                                           

Monday, May 9, 2011


SNEAK-PEAK just could not deprive all them sneaker lovers from this scoop. Nike Hachi- Sting Like A Bee just landed in SA this week. So gather all your funds; make that loan from your siblings; send please calls not to spend on airtime; eat at your friend's place for the week, yo just do anything to have enough to cop this exclusive find.

Available at all reliable Nike stores nationally...Dont sleep on this one

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fratpackular music

Another day at Varsity, same old same old routine that never gets old till I bump into Mr Calibre carrying a box full of Fratpack's "Not in the mixtape" mixtape. This boy was a campus street team all on his own, hustling everybody that came in his path and even dropping a couple of freestyles as a mere exhibition of that Fratpack flavour.

 I honestly copped a copy of the fratpack mixtape simply because of their fresh stick out kid look on their cover, having two fresh looking kats surrounded by all sorts of instruments and various SB (Skate Boarding) sneakers and boxes. and I immediately thought "Aaaaaait, sam HipHop for them sneaker heads, I digg"

Fratpack is a crew that consists of Kabelo Moremi AKA Mr Calibre; Mekitso Moremi AKA M.E and Miss Moremi as the manager and promoter, all being siblings hence the name Fratpack. Fratpack's "Not in the mixtape" is not just another compilation of tracks from artists trying to crack into the commercial market but a tool that endorses the fact that you and I are already superstars through our individuality, once you sacrifice that, you've sacrificed your superstardom.

                            Fratpack performance @ cool runnings and more

If you think Fratpack is just another bitter hiphop group that cannot keep up with modern sound, you couldn't be any wrong. That fratpack prove to be BlueChipCoolKidz with a new skool twist, they just don't think it makes sense to make it rain while they are cool with sunshine. A whole lot of sneaker purchases should learn alot from Fratpack's philosophy of being true to your individual style which makes you a superstar instead of sacrificing it for trendy shoes. Its not about quantity and being trendy, ITS ABOUT QUALITY AND TRUE SELF-EXPRESSION.

To hear more of that Fratpackular sound checkout ... and to cop a copy of "Not in the mixtape" contact Mr Calibre on

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fwesh pair on my feet keep my cypher complete.

Lace em up, lace em up, lace em up, lace em up. Everybody else starts off their day with a cup of coffee;a shag; a smoke or what ever tickles their fancy. Sneaker Heads on the other hand know that there aint none as fwesh as starting off the day with the smell of a dope pair of sneakers with you lacing them up, giving you the right to be all sorts of disrespectful for the rest of the day.

Listen to the Mac Miller telling you how Nikes on his feet keeps his cypher complete.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sneaker tossing culture origin.

Old worn out and sometimes fly looking sneakers hanging on telephone lines in urban HipHop orientated ghettos is no doubt a cool site for those who love HipHop tradition.
We've seen this scene on numerous American Old Skul movies and HipHop music videos, but we hardly wonder where;why and how this tradition came about.

There are numerous and interesting theories about the Sneaker tossing tradition, Some associate the culture with gangstars assuming that sneakers on telephones are there to mark gang territories; crack dealers toss their sneakers as a sign of their presence for potential clients; youngens tossing their sneakers as a sign of reaching their sexual milestone of getting laid for the first time or maybe its just a creative way of getting rid of old worn out smelly shoes that your mamma doesn't want in the house anymore.

The theories to the famed sneaker tossing culture are valid but none of them can be proved as the legitimate of them all. I just think that the culture began as any other trend and was fortunate enough to be famed by mass media in the 70s and 80s. Lets hear what the notorious Bobby Garcia AKA "make it happen" has to say about the sneaker tossing culture.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Swatch Watch New-Gent

Just when I thought that the watch game was just based on trendy one colour silicone watches that come in basic shapes.Swatch Watch came to the rescue with absolute class with the their Autumn range of the New-Gent watches.

The New-Gent range introduces a fresh yet classy flavour to the trendy silicone watch game with a plethora of 10 colour combination to appeal to all personalities. The caution used in the selection of calm yet trendy colours gives the watch a classy feel that gives it an allowance to go well with your daily stizz and formal wear. The New-Gent is most definately going to outlive the silicone watch trend and remain stylish and trendy for a long time.

The New-Gent is no doubt an ideal watch available in the commercial market for a trendy yet unique swagged up dude and dudet. Price range is +-R600 at all SwatchWatch stores or any good Jewellery store.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

?uest your Luv for Nike Dunk x

Nike has once again turned to an icon for a true HIPHOP feel in their sneakers. Nike has placed one of it's most precious gems
( Nike Dunk) in the hands of one the  truest and most innovative artists known in the HIPHOP game, who is best known as the best drummer in the world, ?uestLuv

The Nike Dunks x ?uestLuv  twin pair seem  to be a rather incompatible match with one being yellow and still maintaining traditional Dunks high features with a little twist of the swoosh design being similar to that of a blazer. The Red pair appeals to a more modern style, consisting of premium leather with a sweet touch of an over lay that conceals the laces trimmed with white buttons and yet still maintaining that Dunky feel. The only similarity is an emblem of ?uestLuv on the sneaker tongue and outer back.

"I always opt against taking the easy way out." says ?uestLuv , "I wanted to choose colours that were extremely hard to match with outfits, with a simpler design that stand out as a topic of conversation"

The combination of Red and Yellow is most definitely not an attempt to set a trendy colour combination phrase (black and yellow) but ?uestLuv's appeal to his childhood classic memories. ?uestLuv colour combination was inspired by an episode from his favourite youth programme, The Cosby Show. An episode where Denise tries to impress a girl with his style and asks his parents for a $90  shirt and his request is undoubtedly denied, His siblings then decide to make a homemade replica that is far from perfect. Thus ?uestLuv's combination of the perfect Dunk and the other with a little homemade creative twist.

It comes as no surprise to me that after the experimenting, a head like ?uest has got to celebrate tradition by dropping an addition all black tradition Dunk High with a silhouette emblem of him on the sneaker tongue and outer back. When asked about the addition he said “Dunks to me are the tuxedo of Nikes. Obviously an awesome basketball sneaker, but they can also fit almost any situation. If rocked right, you could even wear them with a suit, and the all black version is perfect for that.”

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The Nike Air Yeezy must have been one of the most anticipated yet limited sneakers from Nike in the last five years with 3000 released internationally and only 70 in South Africa. A sequel to the Air Yeezy which would be the Air Yeezy2 is highly expected and may have just been spotted by Sneak-Peak in a short film “The Black Mamba” starring  Kobe Bryant, directed by Robert Rodriguez and Kanye West as “The Boss”

“The Black Mamba” is based on Kobe Bryant alter ego going through obstacles to protect his very own Nike Zoom Kobe VI sneaker also known as the black mamba. Like in any other film Kobe beats all obstacles and ends up facing Kanye “The Boss” who collects the best basketball player’s sneakers and happens to be one sneaker shy away from completing his collection, not giving away too much about the movie. It was suspected that Kanye was rocking what should be the new Air Yeezy 2 but the visuals weren’t to clear confirm the claim.

As of now, no information is known on a release date or retail price, but rest assured that Sneak-Peak will be the first to know and inform you once the information is released.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I don’t know about you, but there’s nun in this world that inspires me more than checkin out another sneaker heads’ collection.                    

Introducing  to you Siyabonga Ngwekazi AKA ScoopMakhatini and simply known as Scoop by the mass, now this fellow  right here possess an impressive collection, Scoop kicks off THE-INSIDE-SCOOP showing off his impress collection then takes the next kick by havin a chat with the acclaimed rapper-poet-MC  Tumi Molekane well known as Tumi from the Volume (TfromtheV). Tumi tells his story of how he fell in love with various elements of HIPHOP such as the sneaker culture. Scoop takes the next step or more like a skate to Adrian a commended C-Town skater and SA’s Nike SB ambassador, Adrian explains how the skater and their culture shaped modern sneaker culture.


Scoop takes us to part II where he chats to Hayden, A reputable sneaker head of Cape Town who coined the term "If they aint premium,I aint seein them".Anthia, a sneaker head; fashionister and blogger of note is the next to chat to Scoop about a females challenges of choosing the most compartible sneaker and Scoop than steps into Bradley Abrahams (sounds like an old english bloke's name dasnt??) home, Bradley is one of the oldest sneaker collectors in SA,He tells us about his childhood sneaker memories and how he got over 400 sneakers and lost most of them.  

Saturday, February 12, 2011


VALENTINES DAY…That “special” day of the year when you and your better half  practice the exact custom as millions of other couples all around the world, such as Dinner at a five star restaurant; cards; candy and all sorts of other corny gifts that you’ll end up throwing away when you break up.
If your still stumped about what to cop for your better half NOT TO WORRY DEAR sneaker-heads friends of mine…We’ll celebrate this day the best way we know how to…Seeing that most brands have jumped on the valentines band wagon. SNEAK-PEAK sgonna  link you up with them. Kickin it off with Nike Dunk High GS 2011 Valentines drops ...If you fancy the romantic side of adidas, check out Adidas V-day Teddy-bear range ... and as per usual Vans never dissapoints on themed designed sneakers. If you wanna check out a lil of erting else .
Flick through the unending links page's and best get ready to celebrate your VALENTINES DAY the way you've always wished to. leh go