Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The Nike Air Yeezy must have been one of the most anticipated yet limited sneakers from Nike in the last five years with 3000 released internationally and only 70 in South Africa. A sequel to the Air Yeezy which would be the Air Yeezy2 is highly expected and may have just been spotted by Sneak-Peak in a short film “The Black Mamba” starring  Kobe Bryant, directed by Robert Rodriguez and Kanye West as “The Boss”

“The Black Mamba” is based on Kobe Bryant alter ego going through obstacles to protect his very own Nike Zoom Kobe VI sneaker also known as the black mamba. Like in any other film Kobe beats all obstacles and ends up facing Kanye “The Boss” who collects the best basketball player’s sneakers and happens to be one sneaker shy away from completing his collection, not giving away too much about the movie. It was suspected that Kanye was rocking what should be the new Air Yeezy 2 but the visuals weren’t to clear confirm the claim.

As of now, no information is known on a release date or retail price, but rest assured that Sneak-Peak will be the first to know and inform you once the information is released.

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