Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sneaker tossing culture origin.

Old worn out and sometimes fly looking sneakers hanging on telephone lines in urban HipHop orientated ghettos is no doubt a cool site for those who love HipHop tradition.
We've seen this scene on numerous American Old Skul movies and HipHop music videos, but we hardly wonder where;why and how this tradition came about.

There are numerous and interesting theories about the Sneaker tossing tradition, Some associate the culture with gangstars assuming that sneakers on telephones are there to mark gang territories; crack dealers toss their sneakers as a sign of their presence for potential clients; youngens tossing their sneakers as a sign of reaching their sexual milestone of getting laid for the first time or maybe its just a creative way of getting rid of old worn out smelly shoes that your mamma doesn't want in the house anymore.

The theories to the famed sneaker tossing culture are valid but none of them can be proved as the legitimate of them all. I just think that the culture began as any other trend and was fortunate enough to be famed by mass media in the 70s and 80s. Lets hear what the notorious Bobby Garcia AKA "make it happen" has to say about the sneaker tossing culture.

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