Thursday, March 10, 2011

?uest your Luv for Nike Dunk x

Nike has once again turned to an icon for a true HIPHOP feel in their sneakers. Nike has placed one of it's most precious gems
( Nike Dunk) in the hands of one the  truest and most innovative artists known in the HIPHOP game, who is best known as the best drummer in the world, ?uestLuv

The Nike Dunks x ?uestLuv  twin pair seem  to be a rather incompatible match with one being yellow and still maintaining traditional Dunks high features with a little twist of the swoosh design being similar to that of a blazer. The Red pair appeals to a more modern style, consisting of premium leather with a sweet touch of an over lay that conceals the laces trimmed with white buttons and yet still maintaining that Dunky feel. The only similarity is an emblem of ?uestLuv on the sneaker tongue and outer back.

"I always opt against taking the easy way out." says ?uestLuv , "I wanted to choose colours that were extremely hard to match with outfits, with a simpler design that stand out as a topic of conversation"

The combination of Red and Yellow is most definitely not an attempt to set a trendy colour combination phrase (black and yellow) but ?uestLuv's appeal to his childhood classic memories. ?uestLuv colour combination was inspired by an episode from his favourite youth programme, The Cosby Show. An episode where Denise tries to impress a girl with his style and asks his parents for a $90  shirt and his request is undoubtedly denied, His siblings then decide to make a homemade replica that is far from perfect. Thus ?uestLuv's combination of the perfect Dunk and the other with a little homemade creative twist.

It comes as no surprise to me that after the experimenting, a head like ?uest has got to celebrate tradition by dropping an addition all black tradition Dunk High with a silhouette emblem of him on the sneaker tongue and outer back. When asked about the addition he said “Dunks to me are the tuxedo of Nikes. Obviously an awesome basketball sneaker, but they can also fit almost any situation. If rocked right, you could even wear them with a suit, and the all black version is perfect for that.”

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