Thursday, September 22, 2011

Urbn Cult Lifts Off at STR.CRD

Experience the art of urban culture with URBN.CULT  Magazine – the themed online magazine targeting the young urban professionals (yuppies) between the ages of 16 and 24. The magazine can be expected as often as the 2nd month since the last issue on

The Urbn.Cult magazine celebrates youth culture in the form of art, music, fashion and business through looking at each of these aspects from an art perspective e.g. the art of music creation instead of its materialistic aftermath (pun intended).

This magazine will be launched on the 24th of September at Africa’s biggest annual street culture event STR.CRD. Promotional activities for the magazine include our presence being bolstered by you on social networks, blogs, media and personal networks. Without you, the reader we are just a wasted data bundle.

Urbn.Cult magazine boasts a collective of dynamic creative’s all under the age of 22; the scope of our team comprises of a female fine arts expert, Kelebogile who recently got back from an international exhibition in Thailand.Nation our videographer/photographer extraordinaire whose portfolio is quite a mouthful actually.

<<<<< Writer of note Mr.Calibre, a rapper from the 
duo Fratpack and also a Vodacom Color
 and Ray Ban ambassador;   

Splash >>>>>>   a techno fashion and design geek whose creativity received international acclaim… from who? The creative team of;

  <<<<<< I, Frypan (Mr Sneak-Peak) our very  own sneaker head whose knowledge
of the sneaker game stretches decades
and he’s only 20 years old.

Gauss, our digital King >>>> and steroid blogger who has an opinion that’s a stamp of approval for many.

<<<<<<<< Last but not least our editor Jaxx , Vodacom color ambassador, passionate entrepreneur who overflows with knowledge of the aspects covered in the magazine and has impeccable writing skills.

If your gonna be at STR.CRD be sure to look out for that outrageously freshly dressed boys and girls at our URBN CULT booth.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sneak-Peaking with Fred Mercury

Stomp The Yard, You got served and many other street dance movies just bring back all those pleasant high school memories. One thing that stood out from that era is how these street dance movies introduced a new kind of kool to the sneaker game and got a whole lot of kids on Air Force 1s and Dunks colorways, and I was also one of those kids.

Sneak-Peak hooked up with that "Articulate Pretty Boy" Number one ambassorder, host and MC of all Masters of Rythm shows and events, Hype Magazine columnist and student in Political science and Journalism. He goes by the name of Fred Mercury. Fred had a one-on-one Sneak-Peak chat about how the wave of street dance influenced SA sneaker game during our grown sneaker conversation. Sneak-Peakers watch this fresh Sneak-Peak clip and get schooled.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sneak-Peak AdiBus tour

Sneak-Peak introduced you to the AdiBus with the Adibus hits Soweto this weekend post. We knew that not all could get an opportunity to check out this wonder, thats the reason we laced up our kicks and went for an *exclusive* tour in the AdiBus, just so we can bring it home for all Sneak-Peakers. My fellow Sneak-Peakers allow us to introduce you to that AdiBus.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Adibus hits Soweto this weekend

Which other classic brand has and still  is well celebrated by most men and women of all ages then Adidas? Thats the reason Adidas Original decided to launch a campaign to promote and celebrate the brand in 2008.

This campaign comes in a form of a Adidas tour bus named AdiBus which features the classic blue and white logo and three stripes with a sweet touch of an on-board photo booth, screen and sound. The Adibus showcases Adidas exclusive ranges along with other numerous ranges of their classics showing on the screen.

If your in or around Soweto this weekend, its your turn. Come through and Sneak-Peak the AdiBus at the Thesis Social Jam.