Thursday, February 24, 2011


I don’t know about you, but there’s nun in this world that inspires me more than checkin out another sneaker heads’ collection.                    

Introducing  to you Siyabonga Ngwekazi AKA ScoopMakhatini and simply known as Scoop by the mass, now this fellow  right here possess an impressive collection, Scoop kicks off THE-INSIDE-SCOOP showing off his impress collection then takes the next kick by havin a chat with the acclaimed rapper-poet-MC  Tumi Molekane well known as Tumi from the Volume (TfromtheV). Tumi tells his story of how he fell in love with various elements of HIPHOP such as the sneaker culture. Scoop takes the next step or more like a skate to Adrian a commended C-Town skater and SA’s Nike SB ambassador, Adrian explains how the skater and their culture shaped modern sneaker culture.


Scoop takes us to part II where he chats to Hayden, A reputable sneaker head of Cape Town who coined the term "If they aint premium,I aint seein them".Anthia, a sneaker head; fashionister and blogger of note is the next to chat to Scoop about a females challenges of choosing the most compartible sneaker and Scoop than steps into Bradley Abrahams (sounds like an old english bloke's name dasnt??) home, Bradley is one of the oldest sneaker collectors in SA,He tells us about his childhood sneaker memories and how he got over 400 sneakers and lost most of them.  

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