Saturday, February 12, 2011


VALENTINES DAY…That “special” day of the year when you and your better half  practice the exact custom as millions of other couples all around the world, such as Dinner at a five star restaurant; cards; candy and all sorts of other corny gifts that you’ll end up throwing away when you break up.
If your still stumped about what to cop for your better half NOT TO WORRY DEAR sneaker-heads friends of mine…We’ll celebrate this day the best way we know how to…Seeing that most brands have jumped on the valentines band wagon. SNEAK-PEAK sgonna  link you up with them. Kickin it off with Nike Dunk High GS 2011 Valentines drops ...If you fancy the romantic side of adidas, check out Adidas V-day Teddy-bear range ... and as per usual Vans never dissapoints on themed designed sneakers. If you wanna check out a lil of erting else .
Flick through the unending links page's and best get ready to celebrate your VALENTINES DAY the way you've always wished to. leh go

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