Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sneak-Peaking with AKA and Kwesta

AKA is that boy who is ever freshe on and off the mic. AKA kicked off his commercial music career as one third of a ill rap crew called “Enitity” which he formed with his school mates in 2002 which later split. In 2007 AKA partnered with Buks and Kamza to form a production collective known as “The I.V. League”, hence his constant chant of “I.V. Leaugue papaaaaaa” in every performance without fail. The I.V. League’s company is called Instant Vinatge Entertainment, a company that explores all music genres and aims to make classic timeless music. That was the stable build up to that ever freshe looking, trend making and hit maker we all know as AKA. Look out for is album titled “Alter Ego” which drops next month.

Senzo Mfundo Vilakazi well known as Kwesta MrCool to the mass is that boy who was born in a old school ghetto called K1 (Katlehong). Kwesta kicked off his musical career with an interest in poetry back in his high school days. In 2003 the young Kwesta formed a rap crew with friends named “Getto Fellaz” which later changed to “The Juvenylz”, while the group was awaiting recognition, Kwesta bravely ventured into a solo career on the side which led to him proving his ability to be a wordsmith of note as he once won the MC of the month competition on YFM’s rap activity jam and took first place on Shiz Niz’s free style kings. Kwesta’s demo found its way in the hands of Buttabing Entertainment in 2007 and that was the genesis of the national exposure of this wordsmith we know as Kwesta who has performed on the same stage and song as the likes of Kelly Rowlands. Look out for his debut album released in  September 2010 titled “Special Rekwest”

These two fellows joined us on a SNEAK-PEAK conversation and shared their interesting and humorous sneaker stories and experiences with us. My fellow SNEAK-PEAKER seat back and enjoy two of SA’s most entertaining and influencial kats speak about nothing but sneakers.

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