Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sneak-Peaking with Khuli Chana

South African born, Mmabatho bred and well known as one third of the infamous Morafe crew,it is that freshe Motswakoriginator who goes by the name of Khuli Chana. Khuli Chana Started off by forming a duet called “Jazzzzadaz” with the soulful Kay-G back in the early 90’s, they later joined forces with the ill Tswana rhyme spitter who goes by the name of Towdee, and that was the beginning of the notorious “Morafe” Motswako group. Khuli has had a successful career with Morafe with two highly rated commercial albums and has now branched out to show the world who Khuli Chana is with his debut album titled “The Motswakoriginator”.

Khuli Chana Sneak-Peaked with us and explained how he always had a posh taste in his sneaker choice and how he still maintains that standard with his sneak game, having the old skool favourite North Star as his first fly pair of sneakers and his Adidas as the sneaker brand that represents the grown freshe Khuli Chana. Without giving away too much, go ahead and watch Khuli Chana talking about nothing but sneakers and their influence in his life and music.

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