Friday, May 27, 2011


Our parents do it, our teachers do it, our grandparents did it, our priests do it, they did it to Jesus; you do it. Buttom line is that it has been done,its done and always will be done by all and to all. What am I on about? nah it aint sex.Its associating physical appearance and features such as sneakers with the character wearing them.

Its that FACT OR MISCONCEPTION talk again. Sneak-Peak introduced you to the topic with a humourous yet very relevant clip ( fact-or-misconception part-1 )  from what some would classify as "product of MTV hiphop culture" who goes by the name of Terrific pain. We now rap up the the debate with a compilation of views from various characters all in one exciting; humorous and eye brow raising  two minute clip, to help all sneak-peakers establish whether associating a Sneaker with the character is a FACT or MISCONCEPTION.

Sneak-Peakers I bring to you the final Fact or Misconception clip...sit back and enjoy,do comment on the comment box wether you think its a Fact or Misconception

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