Tuesday, January 8, 2013

GrimeTown at it again - Illite Mc - Trolling Video

My first encounter with the GrimeTown collective was back in 2010 when I met two of its members at a sneaker art exhibition held at Monks concept store, Ves and Mr Makonga, this was a few weeks after I started this Sneak-Peak blog. Fast forward to 2012 I discovered more members from this collective such as now former GrimeTown member Mandisi Lean (Audio and visual artist, founder of W.A.T.E.R clothing brand and music composer) and  One-L (Well known for his epic battle against Tumi from the Volume at Scrambles for Money).

GrimeTown boasts one more wordsmith of note known as Illite Mc from a group called Revivolution aka Revivo, he just dropped this video of his song is titled Trolling, directed by GrimeTown pictures and edited by Mr Makonga.

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